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Parish Staff

Parish Administrator: Reverend Cipriano Alnas

Deacon: Henry Costales

Business Manager: Diana Ribucan


Clerk: Dorothy Eharis-Yoza

Parish Pastoral Council

Chairperson: Shirley Samonte


Co-Chairperson: (Vacant)


Secretary: Jennifer Pimentel


Adult Ministry: Joe & Priscilla Felipe


Bulletin/Communication: Diana Ribucan


Liturgical Coordinator:  (VACANT)


Music Ministry: Leonora Etrata


Religious Education Coordinator: Eva Batoon


Repairs & Maintenance: Elpidio Etrata


Social Ministry: (VACANT)

Food Pantry: Divina Costales


Outreach Ministry: (VACANT)

Stewardship: (VACANT)


Youth & Young Adult Ministry: Kathleen Costales

Parish Finance Council


Chairperson: Charita Tolentino


Co-Chairperson: Edwin Villa


Secretary: Kathleen Eligado Costales


Internal Auditor:  Marietta Crimmins


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